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'If people were Superior to Animals, they'd take better care of the world'

Welcome to OurPetsNet, THE Pet Network!

This site is for the furry creatures of our families.  Those that love us unconditionally and ask nothing in return.  We have information regarding dogs, cats, hamsters, ferrets, primates, and birds.  If you are looking for a pet we will help you figure out a name, help with vaccinations and try to give you the basics.  To begin just click on the animal of your choice and browse through our pages. We are always looking for tips and suggestions!

Warm weather is here, bringing mosquito's and deadly heartworms.  How important is it to have your dog or cat protected?

Our-Pets StoriesWe are looking for favorite stories of your pets to put online. It's really easy to submit your story, just click on the box to the right, and fill out the submission form .  Within days your personal pet story will be online for you to share with your online friends!  We also have a photo album for you to fill up with your own pictures of your family pet.  To reach the page with instructions, and view the pictures that we do have online...click on the banner below:

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We also have a mailing list for those that are interested in talking to others with the common interest of pets.  Have a question?  Want to read about a breed or animal that you are interested in, but just not sure of?  Join the OurPetsNet mailing list and meet new online friends to email and share stories and information with!


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DISCLAIMER: For the best possible care of your pet consult a veterinarian regarding your pets health and other needs.    Our website is only to assist with tips and reminders as to what your pet may need.